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US Bank Parking Garage Restoration

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Client Name
Date Completed
April 2016
Lincoln, Nebraska
General Contractor
Ironhide Construction
Project Scope

Engineer: SDG

US Bank Parking Garage Restoration

The south precast concrete panel wall of the US Bank parking structure was impacted and began falling off the building. Ironhide Construction was called in to inspect the site. By Noon the next day, the street was shut down, engineers visited and designed a shoring tower to prevent the panels from falling off.  The city officials, the Lincoln Fire Department, and Lincoln Police all visited the site in case of catastrophic failure.

Once the temporary support system was installed, Ironhide Construction fabricated and installed an interior structure that reconnected the precast panels to the parking structure, and then we hoisted the precast panels back into their original position. We also needed to use a carbon fiber repair system on a main sprandrel beam that held up the parking structure as it had completely failed and could have fallen.

This project was a challenge from start to finish, and Ironhide Construction completed the work safely as well as very minimally impacted the use of the garage and the business.


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